Newborn Photo Editing

Newborn photo editing and retouching can be a long and laborious task. As specialists in baby photography editing we know the problems you may be facing with your newborn retouching. As most newborn imagery always needs a little bit of work we recommend you start off with our standard service. By choosing this service you will have finished images ready to show clients and send straight to the lab.


Skin Smoothing & toning

Babies have very gentle and sensitive skin with visibly red, patchy and flaky skin. High resolution photographs and studio lights can actually enhance these patches, so we gently remove them and keep the soft lush texture of their original skin. Some babies also have bluish or reddish skin because it’s still so thin, it can look almost translucent, so we bring back a bit of colour to their lips and cheeks.

Colour adjustment

Whether there are problems with white balance, saturation, contrast, exposure, vibrancy, shadows, or other colour parameters, and your baby photos look strange, get in touch with our newborn photo retouching team.

Blemishes, lines, spots removal

In this particular photo, there are some areas of dry skin on the baby’s arm. Fortunately, these are incredibly easy to touch up using the Spot-Healing Brush Tool. On a new layer, paint over portions of the skin that could benefit from a bit of blemish removal.

The spot removal tool can also be used to refine small imperfections. Babies can often have small spots on their face – dirt, drool, small cuts, food, etc. The spot removal tool can take it all away, and quickly.  Just make sure to match your spot to the appropriate tone, texture, and pigment as the original sample that you’re trying to clean up. We also used the spot tool to soften our subject’s under-eye lines.

Contrast & brightness adjustment

First of all, the camera may not capture all kinds of details and depths which we are seeing with our eyes. Also, baby portraits should be natural and vivid. It is expected from the parents of the baby that their angel should be the same in the picture as they see with their open eyes.

Unwanted Object Removal

This problem is not new in the photography and editing world. When a new baby is born many gifts come to their house, parents can not cope up with cleaning and other household chores. Or, when anyone takes photos in the house it is possible to capture the unwanted object in the photo. In newborn baby photography, it plays a huge role.

The newborn baby is wonderful, charming, and modest for a shorter period. In this period little moment is a very charming and expensive moment for baby and family. However, people want to capture the moment of a newly born baby. Parents don’t want to miss the chance of this occasion to capture it. In recent days, it has become a very popular trend.

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